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4 Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolate Cakes You Can Buy Right Now

Celebrate Chocolate Cake Day by stopping off here on the way home today. January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day and you know there’s no way we’re not celebrating here at Westchester Magazine. Here are some of the best places to visit for a slice of cake to celebrate.

By: Brittany Gibson Published January 25th 2016

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The cute confection known as the cupcake is popping up all over Westchester.

In  case you haven’t noticed, there’s a cupcake revolution going on. Once  the mainstay of school lunchboxes and birthday parties, the cupcake has  become the coolest bakery buy, even in the land of diets. Today’s  cupcakes aren’t your regular chocolate and vanilla concoctions, either.  They may feature Oreos jutting out on top, have frosting mixed with  peanut butter, be sprinkled with candy confetti, or sport mile-high  buttercream icing delicately placed on ever-so-moist red velvet cake.  What makes these butter-and-sugar confections so popular? They are  bite-sized (more fun to eat with your hands!) and decadent enough to  satisfy a sweet tooth, without busting a belt. Thankfully, in  Westchester, we cupcake aficionados have lots of choices.

By: Jeanne Muchnick Published May 20, 2009 at 05:37 PM

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Local business serves up dreamy confections

Yorktown’s Dream Cakes Bakery is a source of culinary delights of every shape and size.
The family-run business first opened its doors last summer under the  auspices of parents-turned-partners Laura and Augie Olivapotenza. While  active behind the scenes, the artistic and culinary end of Dream Cakes  is handled by Laura and Augie’s daughter, 29-year old Lynn  Fairweather-Ayala, and her husband Daniel Ayala.

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Dream Cakes

‘You dream it, we can make it’ is  their motto. Lynn Fairweather-Ayala and Daniel Ayala have been baking  for over 25 years and together they have opened Dream Cakes Bakery at  Parkside Corners, 3565 Crompond Road in Cortlandt Manor. Freshly made  pies, pastries, Danish, muffins and bread are always available along  with their beautifully decorated (and delicious) cakes. Info: (914)  734-CAKE (2253).

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